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Building up a FAQ: Please reply

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Monday, January 14, 2002, 10:09
Lets build a wordlist for this mailing list!

Abbreviations and terms used on this list can be divided into two
groups, "social" ones, like ConLang, and linguistic ones, like
dative and its abbreviation 'dat'.

Please reply with more abbrevs and terms used here, indicating
whether you feel it is linguistic or social in nature. If you don't
know what they mean, somebody else probably does and can reply with
the answer.

As there are plenty of books on linguistics but none about this list,
it would be best to concentrate on our invented terms first, that is:
save the fourty-page thesis on ergative till later, please :)

Here's some to get you started:

conlang (social): constructed language, to construct languages
artlang (social): art language, artistic language, artificial language
natlang (social): natural language, not constructed language
modlang (social): model language, synonymous with conlang
auxlang (social): auxiliary language, like esperanto
loglan, loglang (social): logical language, like Loglan or Lojban
tolklang (social): language made by J.R.R. Tolkien
romance-lang (social): conlang with words derived from latin
    for instance Brithenig and its ilk

conlanger (social): one who conlangs
#same for art-, and auxlang, haven't seen it used for modlangs

the vice, the secret vice, or Tolkien's secret vice (social):
    making languages

lexicon, vocabulary (linguistic); the set of words in a language

a priori language (social): the words are not derived from any natlang
    or well-established conlang
a posteriori language (social): the words are derived (recognizable or
    not) from an already existing language; like all romance-langs
    and most auxlangs

IAL (social): International Auxiliary Language, synonymous with auxlang
idist, idoist (social): speaker/user(missionary of Ido
esperantist (social): speaker/user/missionary of Esperanto
lojbanist (social): speaker/user/missionary of Lojban

conculture (social): constructed culture

AFMCL, AFMC (social): As For My ConLang
agulunulating (linguistic): funny misspelling of 'agglutinating'
#who used this one first? Can't remember

1s (linguistic): 1st person singular pronoun, I
2s (linguistic): 2nd person singular pronoun, you
3s (linguistic): 2nd person singular pronoun, he, she, it
1d (linguistic): 1st person dual pronoun, I and you, we two
2d (linguistic): 2nd person dual pronoun, you two
3d (linguistic): 2nd person dual pronoun, they two
1p (linguistic): 1st person plural pronoun, we
2p (linguistic): 2nd person plural pronoun, you, y'all (plural)
3p (linguistic): 2nd person plural pronoun, they

Crank up those memories, people!



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