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Spelling reform, oficial languages, reviving old language for modern usage and other fun.

From:Michael Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Monday, May 29, 2006, 15:36
Some changes in the base language and how used might need to

Write and Right, same word, but different spelling, but
pronounced the same?

So Enscribe?

I do hate to see things like "Perimeter" vs "Edge", but some
people just got to get fancy. The joy of the English language,
bastard child of the Germanic/Romance language family..

(Romance cause of all the French root words in the language)..

But heh, we expect people to give up Spanish, so they can be
"good" Americans, we American English, still is having problems
deciding if it is French with a Germanic Grammer, or German with
a French vocabulary? Grin.. Humor is here for this.

But like the argument for Esperanto, why should I give up my
Germanic Grammer with French vocabulary language that is spoken
or atleast understood all over the place (for good or worse)
when I can exchange it for a Romance language for the most part
called Esperanto?

But heh, people are not known for their logic and good sense..

Conlangs are fun to do, and such, but how much change do they
have for more than mind/language experiments? I know would love
to not have to learn some 10 or more different languages get
anywhere in the world, glad I am not living in India (what some
50 official languages, let alone the 200 or so unofficial but
recognized languages and dielects?).

Why I conlang, to see how language is done and why and .. one
day have everyone speak mine? Or just understand how hard a
language can be to come about or made or adopted by others..
Major part of the geo-political scene for sure..

Like why do people speak English, some it is cause it is their
native tongue (yes it is mine, just do not always use it how
others do), some for economic reasons, some for political and
some as in India just cause its more neutral than some of the
other languages in India that was once used by one or more of
the often warring parties..   A form of Sanskrit like how Hebrew
was done, would be a wierd idea? A ACALANG (academic?) that
becomes a conlang sort of, and then becomes a NATLANG? Talk
about word making. NATLANG or Natlang? And yes, I am off to
sleep soon..



Eugene Oh <un.doing@...>