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Re: Question about T and D

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 3:04
Steven Williams wrote:
> > Ph. D. wrote: > > << > > Phonology is not my strong suit. I want to include > [T] and [D] in my conlang. Can someone suggest what > sounds might develop into [T] and [D] (and under what > conditions) in a languages which does not have those > sounds? I'm looking for something plausible here. > > >> > > Another interesting evolution is Latin palatalized [k] > to Castillian Spanish [T]: > > [k] (before [e] and [i]) --> [tS] --> [ts] --> [T] >
Also: t before i plus a vowel, at least in the ending *-tione- > Cast. -Tión, probably via [tj] or [ts]; and IIRC also Lat. z > Cast. T, probably via (original?) [dz] > [ts]. Another possibility (non-natlang AFAIK): a strongly dental [t_d] might affricate to [tT], thence to [T]. This is the source of /s/ in Kash-- in various relatives T, ts, t, h and possibly others as yet undiscovered :-)))