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Creaky tones [was: trQal]

From:Brian Betty <bbetty@...>
Date:Thursday, April 15, 1999, 14:24
Incidentally, creakdy voice *is* phonemic in natlangs ... Northern
Mandarin, particularly in Beijing, has a creaky third tone (falling-rising,
marked with an upside-down ^, and frequently noted as 324). It is possibly
an areal feature, as Thai, Vietnamese, and most other tonal languages in
Asia have creaky tones.

At 03:45 PM 4/14/99 CDT, you wrote:
>Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...> wrote: >> FFlores wrote: "Could you explain me what creaky voice is? I imagine it,
but I'm not sure. [snip explanation]" ********* Ther cam a privee theef men clepeth Deeth, That in this contree al the peple sleeth, And with his spere he smoot his herte atwo, And wente his wey withouten wordes mo. He hath a thousand slayn this pestilence. - Geoffrey Chaucer, The Pardoner's Tale James E Johnson, 1920-1999