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Access/Excel, etc. (was: Has anyone made a real conlang? )

From:Iain Davis <feaelin@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 23, 2003, 19:14
Jan van Steenbergen wrote:

> Oh, that's quite possible. Many people can survive without > it. It's just that I like Access, and I really can't work with Excel.
:). Interesting. I do nearly everything in Excel. Any time I have a "list" (like vocabulary, videotape collection, etc.) I do it in Excel. Of course, we use Excel often at work as well, so I've gotten skilled with it. There have been days where I lived in Excel, pretty much. :)
> > Do you have an actual relational structure, or just a set of > > un-related tables? > > At this moment I work with unrelated tables. To be honest, I > think a relational database is overkill for a simple > vocabulary file. Besides, until a year ago I did everything
I did wonder...I was trying to imagine what the necessary relationships would be. Everything I came up with seemed like needless obsfucation. :)
> Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate it :) . Well, it is also > an act of kindness towards myself. After all, the conlang > community is already small enough as it is, and a website in > Dutch would dangerously limit my potential audience.
True enough. :)


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