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My new web sites about my collection of numbers

From:janko gorenc <j_gorenc@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 27, 2006, 15:58
Hi all,

  Now I have my new web sites about my work, and my own collection of numbers.
  You can find on: (main page)
  or also on: (names constructed
languages from my collection of numbers) (various web sites about numbers
of various collection, and others individual conlangs) (names about various people,
which send me numbers from their conlangs) (others web sites:
various information about conlangs) *
 PS: * Data on this page are old (equal as last year from 23.oct). I'll changed
in future also this page in future. Can you see in future.

  Thank you for your help at my project!

  I wish you a lot of success at your work!

  Happy new year!


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