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Re: List of basic roots

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, June 12, 2000, 21:43
>From: Jeffrey Henning <Jeffrey@...>
>Swadesh is the glottochronological list, but it only has 100 or so words.
It's 200 words. I have an Orcish-English lexicon build from Swadesh's list; if I haven't posted them already, I will this evening. (So people can get an idea of the syllabic structure; it's uh... kinda like Klingon with tones and a few more consonants. Still five vowels though.)
>You might want to check out the Dublex list, which is an attempt to >identify >the 400 most productive roots for compounding.
Is there a URL? Also, LangMaker's site ( has a lexicon file called vocabuld.lex, which lists 1600 words, organized into 38 topical classes (class 1 is for prepositions, class 2 is for basic verbs, class 3 is for human and family nouns...) DaW,
>Best regards, > >Jeffrey
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