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Re: List of basic roots

From:John Mietus <sirchuck@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 13, 2000, 3:29
Daniel Seriff spake, saying:

> I seem to remember someone posting an URL or two for a list of the 800 > basic words that most languages have. I'd like to find something like > this so I can begin messing with lanugage change (!), and I don't want > to start before I've got all the really basic concepts covered in my > lexicon. Can someone post some URLs of such lists, please?
I have a list of <1500 roots from PIE -- it's not online, but I'd be happy to give you an ASCII file in whatever format you'd like. Since it's based on PIE, there's quite a bit of concept overlap -- you could probably distill it down to less that 1000. It's better to feed the goat than it is today, John