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Conlangs in History

From:Leo Caesius <leo_caesius@...>
Date:Thursday, August 17, 2000, 0:25
    Unfortunately, the comparatively short history of the constructed
language,  its relative unpopularity beyond a small circle, and the lack of
a good sample size until the second half of the 19th century, conspire to
give us a very short list of conlangs, auxlangs, and their advocates.
    What if constructed languages were far more popular than history has
proved?  Who would be likely to advocate individual conlangs?

    Can you see Franz Kafka composing his reports in Volapük, while pursuing
insurance claims in the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
    Would American science fiction author Howard Phillips Lovecraft become a
devotee of von Wahl's Occidental, contributing stories of wierd fiction to
    Might Basic English find its most capable prophet in the person of
Ernest Hemingway?
    How about Julie Andrews?  Can't you see her picking up SolReSol?

    What about the other ones?  From a purely fictional perspective, of
course (I don't want to know about Umberto Eco and Esperanto or Robert
Heinlein and Loglan.  Please.).  I wouldn't like to be responsible for
fanning more flames across this list.

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