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CHAT: Passover, Easter & Lunisolar calendars (was: CHAT: Passover _and_ CHAT: Jewish Calendar)

Date:Thursday, April 27, 2000, 19:36
On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Raymond Brown wrote:

> To make things even more complicated, as Irina has pointed out, some > Orthodox now also follow the 'New Style' calendar & celebrate Easter on the > same date as their Catholic & Protestant brethren while others - I guess
ONLY the Orthodox Church in Finland does this, and they only do so by special "dispensation" of the Patriarch of Constantinople (who happens to also be the Patriarch of the Finnish Church by reason of events too convoluted to follow without a guidebook).
> Indeed, in more recent times there has been a move in Christian circles to > abandon the lunisolar system and to adopt a fixed Easter. As early as June
Amend that to "a move in the more crackpot of Christian circles", please.
> 'Brithenig group' - and I seem to recall it being said that there had been > agreement between Rome, the World Council of Churches and the (main) > Orthodox Churches to fix Easter on the 2nd Sunday of April and that this > would be enacted in 2001, to mark the 1st year of the 3rd Christian
NEVER!!!! NEVER!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!! Such "agreement" was NEVER made! You need to check your sources. What was mentioned was calculating Pascha according to the astronomical phenomena as observed from Jerusalem. That will probably not come to pass, mostly due to opposition on the part of the laity who only know "we aren't Romanists" and have no knowledge of the actual calculation methods.