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OT: Colour-Blindness ( Was: Re: OT-ish:Conlang Census)

From:Etak <tarnagona@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 20, 2004, 15:32
I wrote:

<<< Well, I _think_ my favourite colour is blue...but
> various eye doctors have assured me that I am > colour-blind and only see shades of gray.>>>
Mark J. Reed responded: <<<Er? The term "color-blindness" does not mean you only see shades of grey; seeing no color at all is practically unheard of in humans. A person who is color-blind - such as my mother-in-law (although it's very rare in women) and brother-in-law - just cant distinguish certain sets of colors. In their case, red and green - other things being equal - are completely indistinguishable, with a cascade of implications for other colors which include those as a component. Such red/green color-blindness is by far the most common form, but there are others, such as blue/yellow - which you obviously don't have. :)>>> Well actually I have an eye condition known as acromatopsia. The retina is made up of cells called rods and cones, but my eyes are missing the cones. So I'm colour-blind, really light-sensative, and I have really bad distance vision. All the people who have gotten acromatopsia later in life somehow have reported only being able to see shades of gray when they could see colours before so I assume that I see likewise, but I wouldn't know because I've been visually impaired since birth. ---Etak ______________________________________________________________________ Post your free ad now!


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