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Help with US SW langs + new lang

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Thursday, March 14, 2002, 16:47
I would need some help on the subject named in the subject.

Some background on why: I have abandoned Mogora (already) and decided on
something else, namely:

A group of Mansi (Voguls) leave the Urals in the 17th century (after a bit
of Russian influence, mainly loanwords and the Cyrillic script) and
migrate...east, until they get to the Bering Strait, which they cross.
They continue following the signs that God/the gods (depending on whom you
ask; some are Orthodox Christian, others still have the old "Big Wax
Candle" religion), signs which lead them to the Lower Mainland of British
Columbia, where they establish there first city in the late 1600s.

Having European technology (guns and such), they start to build an Empire
on the West Coast, eventually expanding to contain, roughly: Alaska,
Yukon, western Northwest Territories, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan. Montana,
Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Northern Nevada, COlorado,
Northern Utah and Wyoming.

They have almost continual border skirmishes with the Spanish in the
south, but as the US begins expanding westward, the Madzhi (that's their
name) and the Spanish realise, at the moment, the US is the bigger threat,
and sign a defence treaty. Now the Spanish are able to resist the American
westward movement (with Modzhi help), and the Modzhi resist the US and
British movement with Spanish help. And so on. So anyway in the Modern
times in North America you have the following states: Modzhi Empire,
Quebec (which includes the Maritime provinces), the United States
(smaller) and Mejico (larger than *here*).

Anyway: the Modzhi language needs some influence from the Western North
American languages, as the Modzhi government realised that if they allow
the various subject nations to keep their language and culture, said
nations will more voluntarily fight for the Empire and pay taxes. So, in
the Empire, most of the First Nations languages are still alive and in
use, and the larger ones have regionally official status (the Empire is
divided into dominions/dukedoms).

Now for the point of the question: In the area I described, what are the
major Native languages that would most likely have influence on the Modzhi
language? More specifically in the US, for I know the Canadian region well
enough; influence will come from Tlingit, Halkomelem (especially, since
the capital region, Vancouver *here*, is Halkomelem territory), Shuswap
and Blackfoot. So yeah, I'm thinking more the southern area, like Northern
Cal, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming-ish area.

A bit of a taster:


a Q e E i I o 8 u y @ & [sampa { ] Y [sampa } ] u_^ (non-syllabic u)

Consonants: (in Madzhi Cyrillic order)

b v g G R d Z z dz D j k k_> q q_> c j\ l K m n p r R\ s T t w ts x h tS
dZ S d_j


1 - akva                11 - akv@plov           21 - vu_^adznuh@lakva
2 - kidz                12 - kidz@plov          30 - vu_^adz
3 - xurIm               13 - xurm@plov          40 - najman
4 - d_jira              14 - d_jiraplov         50 - adZan
5 - adz                 15 - adz@plov           60 - xu_^odZan
6 - xu_^odz             16 - xu_^odz@plov       70 - zu_^adzlov
7 - zu_^adz             17 - zu_^adz@plov       80 - d_jolzadz
8 - d_jorov             18 - d_jorovplov        90 - u_^odradz
9 - u_^odrov (?wodrov)  19 - u_^od@rplov        100 - jazadz
10 - lov                20 - xuz                1000 - zodz@r

personal pronouns:

sg:     am      nag     Tav
pl:     mien    nien    Tien

am ats hu_^@rdijYm     madZi  d_j(i)elYm@n
I  not understand-PRES madZi  language-ACC
I don't understand Madzhi.

am u_^ojj\Ym madZi k_>um
I  am        maDzi man, person
I am a Madzhi (ie. a Madzhi person).

Ferenc Gy. Valoczy

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send
peace, but a sword."
 - Jesus Christ, in Matthew 10:34


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