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Dalmatian/Vegliot sound changes (vowels)

From:daniel prohaska <danielprohaska@...>
Date:Monday, March 20, 2006, 8:26
Roger Mills a screfas:
> A member of (Spanish) Ideolengua has posted a file on this topic-- nges.doc
> (all one line of course)-- one may have to be a member to view it, > but it's > interesting (though possibly from some other on-line source). > > Would you believe a > u ??
Thanks for this, Roger, I did some research into Vegliot a while back and indeed everything points towards a shift from Vulgar Latin /a/ to [uo] in Vegliot in stressed syllables at least. In some environments this [uo] was levelled to [u]. This seems especially frequent before <n> which word finally was often pronounced [N]. I subscribed to the "Ideolengua"-list to see the file on the sound change and, hoping for new information, was quite surprised to see my own file I'd posted to the romconlang-list about a year or more ago. It is not up to date and I would revise some things today, but it's my file. The gentleman who posted it, unfortunately didn't cite my name, but that's the way of things in the internet day and age. I've always wanted to do a Vegliot re-conlang, and I've done some work on it, but my conlanging comes in bursts and then lays dormant again for a while (I'm talking about the actual conlanging, not the interest which is always vibrant). Best wishes, Dan