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Non-constructed religions

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Monday, November 9, 1998, 15:06
When constructing whole worlds, I guess we made up houses, streets,
nature, languages and belief systems.  But not all of our conlang
projects are for fictional people, or even if they are for fictional
people (aliens, for example) some times we teorize with they being in
contact to our world.

I wonder which terms are used in describing the natreligions our
fictional caracters are in contact with or how are they used in
non-fictional conlangs (auxlangs, explangs, personal artlangs).  What is
the name of God as used in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic world.  Which
analogies does it has (Father, Lord, Creator, All-mighty, The One).
Which word is used for god, godess, angel, deamon, Satan; this would be
useful even inf ficlangs when talking to the belief systems of
neighbouring ficcultures.

Related question (for those with Hebrew and Arab knowlege):
Are Yaveh/Jeovah and Allah related?  What are te ethimology of these