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Fricative vowels

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Sunday, December 5, 1999, 23:43
I got this from a non-affiliated conlanger friend of mine:

> In Sweden, they were first noticed in the place called Viby (which I have no > idea whatsoever of where is). Vibrant/approximant vowels, if I got it > correctly [...] > In other words, they were pronounced, I think, like with an r-ish, or z-ish > sound to them; perhaps simultaneously pronounced with r or z, or perhaps > just pronounced with a vibrating tongue.
I told him there are also such vowels in Mandarin, IIRC. Can anybody confirm or correct this? And what about the Sweden vowels? I think this feature is exclusive of Viby (wherever it is); do you know of any other places? --Pablo Flores