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Re: TECH: Keyboard layout utilities for Linux

Date:Tuesday, May 20, 2008, 12:55
> [] On Behalf Of David McCann
> > I think this was recently discussed on this or another conlang
> > but I'm looking for something to create keyboard drivers for > > (Ubuntu/Mythbuntu) Linux. Something similar to Microsoft's tool > > would be good. Something that could import .KLC files would be
> > ideal so I can use the maps that I've already created for
> > > You don't need anything other than a text editor, for the
> are all in plain text. I've explained the process at > ps
> Have fun!
Thanks. I could handle that but have already made maps for Windoze. It would save me some work if I could just import those. If I can't find anything for that then I'll try the raw text method. It's something I've had to do before with other keyboard macro programs.