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Re: and another thought (was Re: LUNATIC SURVEY: 2005)

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Thursday, March 3, 2005, 2:39
Roger Mills wrote:

> Someone commented that what's obscene (or just merely insulting) would > depend on the conculture. And I suspect many of of have overlooked that-- I > know I have, in many cases, and ought to devote more thought to getting away > from the defecatory/sexual obscenities that _we_ consider so horrible. I > wonder if it's a Judaeo-Christian (+Islamic) thing...:-)) > > Any comments about other cultures/traditions? nat- as well as con-??
In the Simik (formerly Zirínka) language, the most "obscene" words are the plain words for things like "virus", "torture", and "war". These are words that are avoided in polite or formal conversation, while the Zireen sexual vocabulary is considered more or less innocuous (no more shocking than words like "hug" or "kiss" in English). I haven't given much thought to words for excretory functions. I think they'd be mildly repulsive, like the word "vomit" in English, but not especially objectionable. Here's a web page I made back when this subject came up years ago: