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Re: OT: computer keyboard advertisement mentions Quenya

From:T. A. McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Friday, February 29, 2008, 1:32
David J. Peterson wrote:
> Tristan: > << > This would be hell to type on. > >> > > True, but that's just a concept. Anyone happen to notice the > following keyboard on their site, which they *are* selling? > > <> > > Each key has a screen that changes depending on the keyboard > layout. So while you can't redesign the size of the buttons, it > does seem to satisfy Tristan's concerns (though I personally > prefer an ergonomic wave-style keyboard). It's about $430. > Tempting...
That's the item that spawned this whole thread! A couple of notes: Apparently the cheapest version (their website claims about USD 460) only has a display on the spacebar, and it's only the same 32x32 screen that fits on a normal character. If you want all 113 active keys, you'll be looking to shell out about USD 1560. There's two options in between at USD 600 (the ten function keys on the side) and USD 1000 (the alphabetic keys). The second note is a review I've seen of this beast <> has this to say about typing on them: "Typing on it, well, sucks. We kind of hate to say it, but this thing more than likely won't replace what ever keyboard you're writing your novel on... As a whole it just requires way too much force to depress keys. And the larger the key, the more force is required, so enter is easier than space, but harder than tab. Let's put it this way, we sit around and type all day long and this thing wore us out in about 30 seconds to a minute. Carpal sufferers, beware." They probably exaggerate it to some extent, but I would *not* be buying one of these without trying it extensively first. -- Tristan.


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