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Re: Colours

From:Laurie Gerholz <milo@...>
Date:Thursday, October 1, 1998, 0:01
Pablo Flores wrote:
> <snipped description of how to describe spectral colors> > > Probably a second dimension could be added to the system, to indicate > brightness, ranging from blinding to light to dark to very dark. Indeed > this could be the only way to say that something is white or black, as > these "colours" do not appear in the spectrum.
Interesting. You may want to add the third dimension of color description that we humans use. You have the first two: hue and value. Hue is the point on the visual spectrum, and value is the lightness (towards white) or darkness (towards black) of a color. The third dimension is saturation. This describes how bright or grayed a color is. The full spectrum hues are the maximal saturation for each color. The monochromatic scale of grays from white to black marks no saturation. Think of the difference, say, between bright lemon yellow and a light golden tan. They are both of yellow hue, and are of the same value. But the tan is much less saturated (i.e. more gray) than the lemon yellow. Looking forward to seeing further work on this idea. Laurie ---