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Re: No plural morpheme

From:Pope Salmon the Lesser Mungojelly <conlang@...>
Date:Saturday, November 24, 2007, 19:37
Quoting caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>:

> What are your experiences with this in either a natlang or your conlang?
Lojban generally does not mark plurals. The closest you can come to marking something as plural is to add "su'ore" (which simply means "at least two"). On the other hand, Lojban does obligatorily mark a slightly different distinction. "lo prenu" can mean either "person" or "people." "lo prenu cu bevri lo pipno" means "the person/people carries/carry the piano." However, if there is more than one person, "lo prenu cu bevri lo pipno" means that *each* one of them picked up the whole piano by themselves! If they carried the piano acting together, you must say "loi prenu cu bevri lo pipno", the *mass* of people carried the piano. .i se'o la lojban. .iusai cizra .i ((begin sentence)) se'o (I know internally) la (that named) lojban. (Lojban) .iusai (which I love very much) cizra (is weird.) :) <3, mungojelly