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From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Saturday, April 19, 2003, 19:35
En réponse à Stone Gordonssen :

>Okay, but you'll not find anything surprising here. They are toys for my own >amusement. The examples below make no attempt to use SAMPA.
Too bad, I'd have liked to see how to pronounce some things.
>Example >"Will you give me the book which you wrote?" >"tatapwi hu shato ho wh’li tyofatwi h’." >[write-past-you (modifier) book (object) to-me give-future-you (question)]
Interesting. How do you pronounce the question particle h´?
>Nenshar was an experiment to see if an assertion by Jack Vance in Languages >of Pao was viable: an agglutinating language consisting of objects and their >associated states. It is primarily OSV, with some flexibility, and uses 34 >phonemes: 5 pure vowels plus 4 diphthongs, and 29 consonants. Syllables of >roots can be CV, VC, CVC, or VCV. >"Will you give me the book which you wrote?" >"koned nepu shunesa akop shuneth konesir shunesev akal." >[book-in-focus pen-in-use hand-your-active time-indefinite-past >hand-my-in-anticipation book-your-in-motion hand-your-in-volition >time-indefinite-future]
Wow! Was the experiment a success? :) Interesting, you make languages to test some ideas, like I do. It looks all pretty interesting. Glad to have you here then! :) Christophe Grandsire. You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.