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Re: USAGE: Thorn vs Eth

From:tim talpas <tim@...>
Date:Thursday, July 11, 2002, 15:22
# BTW, back to the letters thorn and edh, it bears pointing out that
# although Faroese uses the letter edh (the only language other than
# Icelandic, AFAIK, to do so) it is there for etymological purposes only;
# it is silent in pronunciation, the sounds /T/ and /D/ having been
# completely lost.

I think it's not always silent. According to a pronunciation guide I found
on a danish site somewhere, Faroese eth can be [v]/V_u, and [j]/V_V,
that is: [v] between a vowel followed by "u", and [j] between any other
vowels. Elsewhere it's silent.

Speaking of Faroese, if anyone knows it, or of any word-lists/glossaries
on the net, i'd be much obliged if you could let me know... I'm trying to
compile a faroese/english dictionary of sorts...