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[Conlangs-Conf] Finacial details; how to donate & preregister

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Friday, March 10, 2006, 8:26
I had our meeting with the finance person earlier today.

The organizational details probably are mostly of little interest to
the rest of you, so I'll just skip to the bits that may be relevant.

Turns out that ASUC money *should* be spendable on a couple things I
was told it wasn't; will talk to the ficom people about that. I may be
able to replace some of the tech rental with ASUC stuff - shaving some
more money off the budget. Will need to see whether what they have is
compatible with needs, and make reservations.

(Ellen: please add this to the registration confirmation email)

I would ask that, if you can, you preregister ASAP. The more cash we
have in our account, the earlier, the easier it will be on me - rather
than having to front a lot and wait for the money to come in

The simplest method is for you to mail me a check for the total amount
of your ticket cost + donation. The check MUST be made out to "ASUC /
Language Creation Society". Do NOT make it out to me, and I would
prefer you not send cash. I cannot take credit card payments. The
address to mail it to is:

Language Creation Sociiety c/o Ilya Starikov
1232 E. 19th St #212
Oakland CA, 94606

Please include a note specifying your contact address, legal name, &
phone number, and how much of the check goes towards the ticket, and
how much is donation.

DONATIONS are tax-deductible; the ASUC is a 501.3(c) nonprofit, and we
accept money under their auspices. TICKETS are not tax-deductible. If
you don't specify otherwise, then I will assume that $5 will be going
towards your ticket, and the rest is donation.

Once I get your check, I will add you to the pre-registered list, and
hand it off to the ASUC groups finaces person. She will mail you a
receipt for the amount of the donation, along with the ASUC's
nonprofit tax ID number, for use on your taxes. I do not and will not
have the number; they don't give it to me.

I'll also email you confirming receipt and that you are added to the list.

If this is NOT feasible for you for some reason, there are other ways
to pay beforehand, but they are more complicated - especially if you
want to be able to claim the donation on your taxes. The ASUC cannot
accept EFTs, which includes PayPal. If this applies to you, please
email me - especially if you will be donating  in person at the
conference - we will have a cashbox - so I can know how much money I
can rely on being in our budget. If we go in the red, that difference
comes out of my *personal* pocket - something I'd like to avoid. ;-)

T-shirt orders are not yet being accepted; that will probably be
handled online, manner yet to be determined. I'll send out an email
when that changes.

I hope that's clear enough and explains the process. Email me if you
have any questions.

 - Sai