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Teonaht (for the book)

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 1:07
What book is this?  Boy am I behind the times.  Who's
writing it?  Here's my stuff (replacing Sylvia's):


> > > 1. Name of conlang
Teonaht. Pronounced /'teonaT/ or TAY-oh-nath.
> > > 2. Name of conlanger
Sally Caves.
> > > 3. Sample sentence with interlinearization/translation (optional)
Yryi dalvent il narko dissyri toja elry peram. I anguished the help of-you gentle did-I seek. ANGUISHED I SOUGHT THE HELP OF KIND YOU! Analysis: Yryi = emphatic first person sing. pronoun volitional dalvent = adjectival form of stative verb _dalvendi_, "be worried" il = acc/dat. definite article. dissyri = emphatic second person formal non-volitional rypperam = ry + peram: non-emphatic first person sing. pronoun + verb "peramrem."
> > 4. Web page URLs, e-mail addresses, book titles, or other sources of > > further information (optional) A brief description of the language. The main page. Contents of all the pages, including the grammar. Sound bytes. A growing collection of texts. I have also published an on-line essay in an Australian Journal called M/C: A Journal of Media Culture on the internet phenomenon of CONLANG. I intend to base my own book on this essay, which I'm writing now. I announced this publication on CONLANG last year. It is archived at: Please check it out. My original "Lunatic Survey" contributed to this essay and all the essays I've read at various venues, and so has the recent survey on mystical language.
> > 5. A short (no more than about 5 sentences) description/explanation > > of the language (e.g. reasons for its creation, associated > > concultures, etc.)
Teonaht is a life-long project for me started when I was nine years old and originally devoted to a cat cult, which still has vestiges in the culture as I think of it today (see my Bastet Pages: ) It has developed, I hope, into a formal, baroque, and quirky language that I intended for beauty and originality of expression. Its most prominent features are not just its crotchety OSV word order (it's really turning into an SOV language), but its use of volitional and non-volitional subject/verb forms. Even though it is primarily nominative in nature, it has a split nominative that makes a distinction between agents and experiencers (or participants). Its other features (the three forms of verb for instance) are best described in the grammar. Sally Caves ========================================================== Niffodyr tweluenrem lis teuim an. "The gods have retractible claws." from _The Gospel of Bastet_ ============================================================