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New Member!

From:R G Roberts <rgroberts@...>
Date:Friday, August 6, 1999, 1:42
Hello, Everyone. I'm a new member of the list so this is just my quick =
intro. My name's Richy Roberts, semi-retired former practising =
accountant living in Southport (on the outskirts of =
Liverpool/Merseyside/Beatle Country) in England, UK, Planet Earth. My =
main homepage is (Celtica International at Home) =
which links inter alia to Richy's Wor(l)d - a diatribe about how my =
computer lets me down amongst other things) and KELTEAG NUEADH  - which =
is a semi-reconstructed all-Celtic language under construction being =
authored and developed by myself. Your list sounds very cool/interesting =
and I look forward to picking up all the various threads under =