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Re: Conculturish question Re: OFF : updated tunu grammar

From:Paul Bennett <paul.bennett@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 26, 1999, 17:58
/snip amusing account of tunu law/

that's why i would not post any tunuan receipe like Steg was thinking
of doing it with snake trees.
Indeed.  A very sound principle.

I think Wenetaic is going to try and exist with neither (true) copula nor
passivity.  If a man bites a dog, it's a single event in semantic space, to a
Wenetaar, "looking at it from another direction" would seem pointless and
tautological.  I'll probably have to give in and accept some auxiliaries,
though.  You've set me thinking... more later...
you made me think too. actually i never use passive, except for verbs that have no specific result, agent, patient, etc. like "to hit" (different from "to make a blow"). the reason is that former tunu grammar was like weneatic : "to-bucket by-water" so i understand what you mean. <<<<<<mathias I had to blink a few times before I saw this. The example you gave is from my meina'n posting, (and your version looks superficially more like meina'n grammar) so I wasn't sure who was misunderstanding whom for a second or two, then I realised it was neither of us.<G> On further reflection, I realise you've used dots and dashes "the other way round" from my normal usage. mathias>>>>>> so i changed tunu today by making indirect passive as "verb + wo" ("by"), which eliminates the heavy passive voice (like "poco" > "po-poco-poco") : <<<<<<mathias Thank you for doing that. I'd have started to come down with "dilingo syndrome" if I'd tried speaking tunu for too long a period.<G> I fear I still may... OFF: How real do other people find the "dilingo effect" to be? How linked is it to Sapir-Whorf? Is there anything else that produces it as consistently? ************************************************************* This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify the sender. This footnote also confirms that this email message has been scanned for the presence of computer viruses. *************************************************************