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Anime inspiration

From:Johnson, Anna <ajohnson@...>
Date:Friday, November 30, 2001, 15:08
In regards to this discussion of conlag inspiration by anime, let me say
that my current obsession is BLACK & WHITE by this artist Taiyou ("Sun").
It's available in English these days, and it knocks my socks off.

In terms of conlang/conworlds, the ones I adore are those sprawling, insane
conglomerations of meta-worlds from SquareSoft - there's one, I forget
offhand which, that features a marketplace with signs in the most amazing
confluence of real-world langs I've ever seen - signs Japanese-style with
characters and kana, only the 'kana' are the Aramaic letters used to print
Hebrew, funky Slavicisms, etc.

Anna J. Johnson
Mystif & Scrat Inscrutable
Your father looks like a water buffalo's behind & your mother spent most of
your childhood between walls and sailors.
- red dwarf


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