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Heltic Skeltic (was: Country Related: Christmas)

From:Douglas Koller <laokou@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 23, 1998, 8:37
Raymond A. Brown wrote:

> >(BTW, did anyone ever think "Celtics" is a stupid name for a sports > >team? It should be "Celts" if anything :D ) > > Celtic [sEltIK] without the final -s - the word is an adjective. The > Protestant Glaswegian team has a plural noun: Rangers - the Catholic team > is Glasgow Celtic.
Perhaps he was referring to the US basketball team, the Boston Celtics, in which case, isn't "Celts" /sElts/ (or worse, "Celties" /sEltiz/) used sometimes as a nickname by sportscasters trying to be hip? I'm quite sure I wouldn't know -- we've already taxed my knowledge of sports as it is. Kou