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Bishop's poem about prepositions

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Saturday, January 21, 2006, 22:31
This came to me on another list and I thought

> The poem was published in the New Yorker, 27th > September, 1947, thus: > > > I lately lost a preposition; > It hid, I thought, beneath my chair > And angrily I cried, 'Perdition > Up from out of in under there'. > > Correctness is my vade mecum, > And straggling phrases I abhor, > And yet I wondered, 'What should he come > Up from out of in under for?'
Abini perri juni preposichuni; Pinza fi ocutud subjegu il mi sediji Ed cuama inodjedichimindi «¡Perrichuni! Subra dji tra dji in subeju isu.» Esti derepu il mi 'vade mecum', Ed avorrexi frasis perruvadis, Veu pinza, «¿Pervia avined subra dji tra dji in subeju peu?» Now it doesn't make much sense in Carrajena, but It gave me a couple of new prepositions (and a new word for chair!) ADam Pochini ninadud ul Jezu in ul Betuemi djal Juda in ils djis djul Errodu ul regu – iñi! aviniruns junis maguis djil ojindi ad al Jerosolima, dichindu: «¿Jundi esti ul regu djuls Ivreus fin ninadud? Pervia avemus spepadu al su steja in il ojindi ed avemus avinidu adorari ad sivi.» Mach 2:1-2


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