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OT: Typing inverted punctuation (¡ and ¿) on Windows

From:Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 11, 2003, 16:07
This is only a little OT, but I've marked it as such out of
sheer paranoia.

CT = Christian Thalmann
MR = Mark Reed (me)
RM = Roger Mills

CT> Jovian uses preliminal inverted question and exclamation
CT> marks like Spanish, but I can't write them on this fuodinde
CT> Windows machine.  =(

MR> Sure you can.  Hold down ALT and then type out on the numeric keypad
MR> 0161 or 0191.

RM> Even simpler-- Right Alt-/ and RightAlt-1-- ¿ ¡ (at least if your keybd is
RM> set to US Intl.?)

Hm, that doesn't work for me.  I'm running Windows XP;  I went
into Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Languages->
Text Services and Input Languages [Details], where I added "United
States- International" to the keyboard list. I then selected that
keyboard via the system tray icon, but those key sequences still
don't produce anything when I type them in Notepad.  The ALT+0161
and ALT+0191 sequences work with either keyboard setting, though.



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