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Spoken Thoughts - Verbs

From:Eruanno none <eruanno@...>
Date:Sunday, January 21, 2001, 19:45
Basic form: Tul ( just ROOT ), or Tulta ( verb ending )
Verb endings include -ta, -tya, -ya, or -a

Tenses:           S.                                 P.
   Present:    Tulta                               Tultar
   Past:       Untulta                             Untultar
   Future:     Entulta                             Entultar
   Perfect:    En/Un/0- Tultaa                     En/Un/0- Tultaar
   Aorist:     Tuultaa                             Tuultaar

NOTE: If Perfect is not inflicted, it is imperfect, hence, it has not been
completed yet.

Aspect not worked on yet...

   Active:  No change
   Passive: Add -i- between the -t- and the -a-, Tultia

   Indicative:      No Change
   Subjunctive:     -yen(l)- between -t- and -a-: Tultyenna
   Negative:        prefix: nin(n)- or ni-: Nintulta
   Imperative:      -yel(l)- between -t- and -a-: Tultyella
   Interrogative:   prefix: ja- or jet(t)-: Jatulta
   Probabilitative: -on(n) between -t- and -a-: Tultonna
   Optative:        -ol(l) between -t- and -a-: Tultolla
   Approximative:   -oin(n) between -t- and -a-: Tultoinna
   Hortative:       -oil(l) between -t- and -a-: Tultiolla

   Known:    No change
   Hearsay:  prefix in-, i-,or im-: Intulta
   Probable: prefix on-, o-,or om-: Ontulta

   Transitive:   No Change
   Intransitive: Add Aa-, Aan-,or Aam-: Aantulta

   Familiar: No change
   Polite:   prefix elle- or el(l)-: Elletulta

Participle:   -(t)tom
Interjection: O-/On-/Om-
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