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Re: My nameless tougue (was Re: New to Language Construction)

From:Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...>
Date:Friday, March 17, 2000, 22:37
> Yes, I would feel very uncomfortable with a > grammar that assumes something to be absolutely > true unless otherwise indicated.
It's somewhat of an emphatic concept. There'll exist, when I get to to, some word meaning 'generally', but the generic also exists for reasons of redundancy and the capability to express complicated shdings of meaning with verbs. It's possible I'll demote it to a sort of archiac or literary usage, like English's 'thee' and 'thou', while speakers tend to use the word instead, or not at all.
> This suggests the language of a story-telling > culture. Am I right?
Indeed. I'm big on story-telling, though as I see it, the irrealis <there's that pretty word again> would be used to set the 'this is the stuff of legend' stage for mythical stories, and the retrospective would serve to highlight important moral points or things that could be learned from the story. In historical tales and heroic epics, the retrospective might be used more often to set a more educational mood, while the irrealis marks points of doubt or features of the story that are important to plot but unlikely to have happened.
> More affixes? Sheesh!
Yup, I love affixes. I noticed as I got farther into the Babel Text that words get less monotonous as you find excuses to use odd constructs like the crescendo, it becomes entertaining surprisingly quickly. Although my carefully polished phonology is deteriorating... too many consonants! Here's the first four lines of the Babel text, since I've got the first draft done and it's hard to imagine what a language sounds like without seeing it written out. Afarellihea'alea rahašia ahuela alanani eka 'o uerafani rišueli. Anu eressellihea'oekuna una qešuellihea manuhi o'elenu šinareku 'o havituelliheaka qanu. Dekelli'ehea'alea anu maukešu'oe ketaruemi 'o nife'akarušu'oeo una. Havelellihea'oemo ketaruemi ke litesume 'o sana'erina ke akayani. Incidentally, on my comp those special characters look like an s with the reversed circumflex, in case it looks odd. -Shreyas Loth 77