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"Resumé" by Dorothy Parker

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, April 13, 2003, 21:31
BlankI found this unfinished in my Drafts folder and didn't want to delete
it-- it dates from July 20 2002, IIRC it didn't get much play first time

>>RESUME by Dorothy Parker >> >>Razors pain you; >>Rivers are damp; >>Acids stain you; >>And drugs cause cramp. >>Guns aren't lawful; >>Nooses give; >>Gas smells awful; >>You might as well live. >
Kash: lica ahar vori çuçap suwihis nahan nokrat irit ambak trambu cimbrak kutrap coyuk çahu-- cayipo kayi Literally: cut hurt / river damp / sharp-water eat / poison twist / gun forbidden / rope stretch / methane stink / have to-just live Phonetic: ['litSa'?axar / 'Bori'SuSap / 'swixis'naxan / 'nokrat'?irit / 'amba?'trambu / 'tSimbra?'kutrap / 'tSoju?'Sa_U / 'tSa_Ipo'ka_I] (a_U, a_I are supposed to be diphthongs; "suwihis" should properly be 3 syllables)


Roger Mills <romilly@...>