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Larkhive: request for archives

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 1, 1999, 2:18
The larkhive now covers february 1998 to october 1999. I could pop in
nov 97-jan 98 too, but my personal archives of this period is only
partial (I re-subscribed in nov 97 and any archives before that died
with the machine I had then.)

Furthermore, I discovered the other day that I've been filtering out all
messages with NGL in the topic, so if you want the larkhive to contain
these, send 'em to me :)

So: could you, or anyone, send me copies of these old archives, and
even earlier archives? I'm afraid not anything will do, htmlified is a
no-no as I spend much too much time converting it to a usable format.

As people who tried to help out with test-archives for another
list discovered: the mails must not have been 'headercided', that is:
an archive only storing the subject:, from:, date: and to:-fields won't
do it. I need as the *absolute* minimum the Message-Id:, In-Reply-To:
and References:-fields[*] as well, as these are necessary for 1) threading
(and I positively *loathe* pseudo-threading...) and 2) the first one
should never-ever be removed anyway, as it is a mail's unique identifier.

The more other headers are still there, the more cool things you can do
with the messages later, like running various statistics etc.

The message-ids alone would help as I can use them to rescue messages
from egroups's storage-system.

[*] The last two might only be found in replies, btw.

tal., who ought to read for the exam on saturday but probably will flunk
no matter what, oh well, there's always the spring exams...
"Better living through conlanging"