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Re: A plea

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, September 11, 2000, 4:54
Jonathan Chang wrote:
> WHA? What? And spoil the nice flow of friendliness on this list? >I think the reason I have dumped Auxlang (& a few music lists) is cuz this >list is the most interesting list I have ever been on - not only subject
>but people wise. > I actually look forward to reading what certain people hafta say* -
>on subjects I have no interest in (at first). I learn more about
>& "etc" than I thought I was interested in... > > * "addicted," more likely, to just seeing my ConLang friends' postings > > hehe, I love email. It's one of the greatest inventions of the Century! >
Tout d'accord, or (Caos Pidgin?) Dakordo!