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From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, September 28, 2000, 13:06
Nicole wrote:

> Anyone who wants to participate can send in as many of his conlangs as > he wants, the more the merrier. With each translation, this is what I'd > like to have: the sentence in the language, an interlinear, and any > special notes about preferred typefaces or special scripts. It would be > best if anyone with a native script sent me this as an image file (.gif > or .jpg or .bmp) even if he has a font for the script, because how am I > supposed to know how to type in it? But please, if there is a native > script, do send roman transliteration as well for the booklet. Also, > I'd like all this stuff for two sentences: "Fight linguistic > extinction: invent a language" and "Invent a language" in case we run > out of room and have to use the smaller one. But I don't think this'll > happen.
OK, here I will give you my Vaiysi translation. There is a script but not a computer font. I'll send you privately a .gif or a .bmp, if I have time to prepare it. However Latin transliteration will work as well. Estes tarmenyau lendouvi qevie... horkyau lendi! Estes tarmenyau lendouvi qevie... you.ERG fight.EX.3s liguistic death.ABS horkyau lendi! invent.3s language.ABS I'd like to underline the verb agreeing with the absolutive in number and person. Notice the imperative expressed with an exhortative (it originally was a future with volitional implications), sorta Latin exhortative subjunctive. The suffix -ouvi denotes related adjectives (lendi = language > lendouvi = linguistic). Luca