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Ancient conlang

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Thursday, January 15, 2004, 0:04
Suppose someone where interested in creating a conlang
for a conculture that was somewhere in the timespan
between hunter-gatherer and early "civilized", say
5000 BC to maybe 2000 BC, with maybe a primative
writing system like the Indus Valley script.

How would such a conlang differ from a modern, or even
classical period conlang.  Obviously the vocabulary
would be very "rural/pastoral/practical" as opposed to
"urban/philosophical/academic", but what about the
grammar.  Assuming a non-IE language, or even a
language of an alien culture on a planet far from
Earth, would such a conlang necessarily have a
simpler, less developed grammar than more modern
languages like Latin or Ancient Greek?



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