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Re: vowel descriptions

From:Don Blaheta <dpb@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 15, 1998, 3:57
Quoth Garrett:
> I need a little help - How do i describe the following vowels > (front/central/back, high/mid/low), and what are their ASCII IPA > representations? > > r (in her, sure)
Usually a mid-central vowel, with rhoticity. ASCII-IPA is unclear; R would be okay if you aren't using a uvular trill.
> w (in put, book
back, high-mid, round, lax. U.
> *or* cut, what)
mid, central, unround. ^ or V. A completely different vowel, in most people's dialects. You aren't perhaps from northern England, are you? (If you are, you want [U].)
> u (in luke, toot)
back, high, round, tense. u.
> o (in go, rote)
back, mid, round, tense. o.
> a (in dot, faught; open 'a')
Gaaah. You probably mean back, low, round. A. but you might mean back, low-mid, round, lax. O. or possibly front, low, unround. a. or something else entirely. (Going back to the northern English hypothesis, you probably want [A].)
> e (in set, fetch)
Front, mid, unround, lax. E.
> i (in keep, me)
Front, high, unround, tense. i. -- -=-Don<>-=- "Sun, the Sun logo, Sun Microsystems, Java, and Throw Once, Hit Everywhere are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Joy Buzzer is a trademark of Acme Enterprises, Ltd." --