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Dr. Dunn

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Friday, July 5, 2002, 10:59
@Conlang: FYI

Dear Mr. MagRaighne

As a member of the conlang community, I'd like to reply to your post on
GAELIC-L on the topic of conlang.  You wrote:

<<When Marion,
my friend and a person whom I admire beyond measure, is under personal
attack there can be no doubt as to where I shall be found- i shall always
stand with her.
Any "conlang" enthusiast who wishes to convince me of his or her
benignity must first apologize to my friend for any ad hominem remarks
which he or she may have made. Until all swords are sheathed, mine is
joined in comradeship to Marion's. May it ever be thus among friends.>>

I agree that apologies are in order here.  Dr. Dunn has personally
libeled and offended hundreds of individuals on the conlang list, and
uncounted thousands world-wide.

Dr. Dunn's post was a prejudiced, misinformative, hostile libel towards
our community.  You blame us for raising our swords in defense when we
have been hit with the unfair and undiscerning roundhouse attack of
napalm carpet bombing?

While your loyalty to your friend is certainly admirable, your personal
relationship to her does not change anything about her unprovoked verbal
act of war, or more accurately: terrorism, against our community.

Loyalty can become a tool of evil all too quickly when it's blind.  Fifty
years ago, Hitler vilified the Jews much in the same way that Dr. Dunn
vilified us: with categorical, hostile, and ultimately untrue slander.
It was the blind loyalty of his followers, however, which allowed him
to escalate the situation and kill millions of Jews.

It is the duty of a friend not only to stand behind a friend, but also
to tell her when she steps out of her role.  You mentioned yourself that
you don't know Dr. Dunn as an agressive person.  You should therefore
consider the possibility that she is, in this case, misled.

To be honest, I'm at a loss to explain Dr. Dunn's enmity -- perhaps she
once hurt her throat trying to pronounce Klingon?  ;-)


-- Christian Thalmann

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