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Re: Bye

From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Thursday, April 4, 2002, 1:46
Yes!   I've had the same kind of success.  A small bite, so to speak, might
also consist of a sample text, if you need a first impression on whether
your language looks exotic, or euphonious, or reminiscent of a certain
language family.

I've responded to a few new language posts, but that takes time, and there's
a lot of my own stuff I want to write.  So I can relate to all those people
who didn't spend days critiquing my web page grammar.

I agree with previous posts, that more critiquing on the list would be nice.
But I think such criticism should be internal, in other words, concerned
with this question:  How can the conlanger better do what he or she is
trying to do?

But Bob's suggestion, asking for help on bits of grammar rather than a whole
grammar at once, is realistic.   For me, it's been helpful.

Jim G.

Bob Greenwade wrote:

I've had some success from posting one or two linguistic features at a
time and inviting discussion thereof. It's a lot easier to digest those
smaller bites. :-]