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Spelling WASRe: Optimum number of symbols, though mostly talking about french now

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Friday, May 24, 2002, 17:15
Est-ce que je suis le seul anglophone qui croit que
l'orthographe francaise est plus facile que
l'orthographe anglaise?

Am I the only English speaker who believes that French
spelling is easier than English spelling?


> > All right, that's true. I can still say French > spelling is a disaster, > though, because pronouncing it is so confusing. ;) > What I've been wondering, though, is what the HECK > is that 'oe' character? > Does it have a specific pronunciation, or does it > just show up in eggs and > sisters to mock me, never offering an explanation? > I wish my teacher corrected pronunciaton. There're > people in my class STILL > saying "ill est trace bow," and it makes it hard for > me to have any clue. > > Andreas Johansson wrote: > > The main reason I find this slightly difficult to > believe is that my own > > main trouble with subtitles (in English and > Swedish) is that the damn > things > > come too slow - I either waste mental effort at > not reading them several > > times, or do and have trouble fitting sentenses > together. I would usually > > find it a substantial improvement if the subtitles > went blank for half of > > the normal showing time. Now I'm a fast reader, > but not a spectacularly > fast > > one. So I'm thinking the difference may be that > Westerners make the things > > slow so that even bad readers can follow, while > the Japanese and Chinese > > concentrate at maximize enjoyability for average > readers. A cultural > > difference unrelated to script, that'd be. > > Yes, that is very frustrating. It seems like people > 'condense' the > translations in order to use up less reading time/be > less redundant/what > have you. > Randomly, I wonder if there's any correlation > between reading speed and > speaking speed (not at the same time, of course)? > I read and speak really quickly (so only my sister > and mother can > understand me :)) and I've noticed that certain > people who read slowly or > have trouble reading speak slowly. > > -Kendra, being far too chatty :) > > -- > Vade Mecum (comic)
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