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Re: CHAT: Going nomail

From:Hanuman Zhang <zhang@...>
Date:Thursday, April 10, 2008, 19:00
on 4/10/08 10:44 AM, Mark J. Reed at markjreed@MAIL.COM wrote:

> No advocating the adoption of any particular IAL. You can talk about > IAL's themselves all you want; la verda stelo is symbolic of the > movement, not the lang. > > Similarly, while Hanuman's thread veered dangerously crossward, that > wasn't Hanuman's fault just because he brought up Islam as a topic. > Certainly, talking about things like whether or not Muslims say "Amin" > is perfectly OK. Suggesting that anyone who does or doesn't share a > particular faith is somehow inferior and/or doomed to an eternity of > torment in the afterlife, not so OK.
HuH? Did I even come close to that??? No, I think I was more interested in dispelling Islamophobia and it's myths in favour of facts and history, i.e. all the contributions of Islamic/Arabic cultures (yeah frikki'PLURAL)... i.e. all the Arabic words in International Techno-scientific English
> >Before I go, I'd like to add 'amen' to Philip Benct's remark: > >{quote} > >Let's make that "No Cross, No Crown, No Green Star, No > >Chauvinism", including first and foremost cultural > >chauvinism!
Especially knee-jerk conservative mono-cultural nativistic chauvinism (read: Eurocentricism and outright racism in this case/context). -- Hanuman Zhang "In the same way that someone in the midst of a rough crowd guards a wound with great care, so in the midst of bad company should one always guard the wound that is the mind." -Santideva, "Bodhicaryavatara"


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