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Mysterious Rokbeigalmki Affix/Mutation Needs Name

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Monday, May 1, 2000, 2:52
well, it's not really that mysterious, but i need to know what to call
it, because my anthropology assignment, which i'm basing on Rokbeigalmki,
is due tomorrow.

here's the problem:

the rokbeigalmki wordsign orthography splits up each morpheme in the word
to a separate symbol, this includes the suffix /D/ {dh} which also
commonly is absorbed into the end of the root.

manoi = eat
manoidh = eater

waj = settle
wajh = settler

okta = war
oktadh = warrior

in the "dictionary" for the system, i'm translating each word that they
wanted by breaking up it's symbols, so i have so far:
(with the symbols going to be written in after the equals)

I =
Son [male+child] =
Daughter [female+child] =
Father [male+birth+{dh}] =

My question is, what do you call this affix?  an "agent" affix?


-Stephen (Steg)
 "sleep, like a fog, blew over him."  ~  _gilgamesh_