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Re: CHAT: Spammer tools

From:Iain E. Davis <feaelin@...>
Date:Friday, February 20, 2004, 2:55
At 01:53 PM 2/19/2004, Christophe Grandsire wrote:
>En réponse à Trebor Jung : > >> >>Spammers crawl the Web for potential victims - but is it machines or real >>people that do the job? > >Mostly machines I suppose. > >> I was wondering if this would be OK (for my website): >> >>"Sorry to take you the long way round, but I don't want to get spammed! >>To get my e-mail address, exchange the first 'dot' in the URL of my home >>page with 'at'. > >I find it personally OK. It's clear and I don't think a spambot could find >that. I personally put my email address on my website as a link and I pay >it with about 15 spams a day (luckily I don't use that email address for >anything else but the website). >Quite a lot of people use such kinds of strategies already, so I think >there's no problem in using such a system.
I mainly find all the circumlocutions more work than simply deleting the spam. :). So I don't bother. My address is everywhere. :).