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Calendar systems?

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Saturday, November 6, 2004, 13:45
Hey all!

So, if I got that right, lunar calendars base on cycles of
the moon (ca. 29,5 days for our moon). Solar calendars base
on how long the earth needs to get one time around the sun
(ca. 365,25 days?). So, a lunisolar calendar bases on both
rhythms? Is our calendar a lunisolar calendar since we have
months that approximately fit the moon's cycle and the year
that approximately fits how long the earth needs to get
around the sun one time? And how did the Mayas came to use
their cycles?

ObCon: Is it true that it rains everyday at the same time in
the equatorial regions of the Earth? That'd be interesting
for when I come to make up a calendar and the related words
for Ayeri ... Another important question is whether the
moon(s) occurs each year at the same time at the same
position in the sky? I've heard the moon's orbit is to some
extent irregular. But how can you tell then when the moon
occurs at which time? Or has the moon, say, cycles of some
days/months/years where it is at the same position again
where it started? That way you could very well base a
calendar on the moon's orbit with easy tools I guess (cf.
Stonehenge, but this one is based on the sun AFAIK).

Please also see "First thoughts on Ayeri calendar".


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