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Alternative histories and paralele universes

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Sunday, January 3, 1999, 16:52
For my project Hangkerim I was thinking in an alternative history but the=
n I
wonder at what extend it would be compatible with other alternative histo=
like those of the Chomros and the Tokana.

A sumary of what is already published or I expect to publish on begins wit=
h the
hipothesis of *what if* some big cultures would have developed in America=
way they developed on China, India, Mesopotamia and Egypt, but in the old=

continent the history would have been similar as in our world until they =
each others circa 1492 (Gregorian Calendar).

Then I suposed those big cultures begun in the Mississippi and the Rio de=
Plata basines.  They would've catalise the development of other peoples w=
would eventually invade them as Persians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs did wi=
Mesopotamia and Egypt.  Probaly Chinese, Fenicians or Vikings would've ha=
contact with some of these cultures but in a tangencial way and the conta=
wouldn't have been continued until circa 1492 when Colombus arrived and t=
he realy came to Japan and China because what he saw where much better su=
ited at
the descriptions than in our world.

The Europeans (first Spaniards and Poretugueses, then Frenchmen, Englishm=
Chomros?, etc) begun an invation wich wouldn't been as easy as it was in =
world, and shared some elements of the European invation of China and Ind=
ia in
our world.

Now a days, there are a few European colonies, some countries formed by E=
settlers and some countries completely governed by native people.  Some o=
f the
later are the three Hangkerim countries.

If some one else interested in discuting details or adding his/her point =
view, please reply.

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