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Re: transcription questions

From:lblissett <blissett@...>
Date:Friday, December 13, 2002, 22:10
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Sent: Friday, December 13, 2002 1:46 AM
Subject: Re: transcription questions

> > Assuming it has to follow a vowel, then the "h" portion could be > > represented, if necessary, as a period of voiceless offset to the vowel. > > How this would look in SAMPA I have no idea. In a quick-and-dirty field > > situation, it would be enough to write a superscript h before the > consonant. > > I don't know if this is what the original question was regarding, but the > sound I pictured with "hk" could easily start a word, not necessarily
> after any consonant or vowel.
Yep! "hk" almost always starts the word it's used in. A few examples: (Am I using [aU] right? It should sound like "o" in "go" or "own" or "toe") hkchui [hxkTswi] "fun" hkoth [hxkaT] "man" hkmotch [hxkmatTs] "itch" hkojul [hxkaUdZVl] "dead" hkchuighya [hxkTswighj] "pleasant experience" hkutwe [hxkVtwe] "among" hknonnyol [hxknaUnjaUl], refers to a type of psychosocial state, no convenient translation hkothkau [hxkaTkO] "father" hkchkrane [hxkTskrane] "ancestors" hkdmfah [hxkdmfah] "to blind, to prevent from seeing" hkqih [hxkqih] "to glitter" hko [hxkkaU] "to die" hkoqa [hxkaUqa] "to kill" hkhyra [hxkhaIra] "flat cleared hill" hkukchyuwa [hxkVkTsjuwa] "hilly tundra"


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