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Re: Spinning and purring

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, August 27, 2005, 16:26
Charlie wrote:

> What might be the connection between "to spin" and "to purr." Perhaps > the sound of a spinning wheel? Do any other natlangs use "to spin" > for "to purr" as well? I know that Spanish has the verb "ronronear." > How have you expressed "to purr" in your conlangs? >
The Kash, being "feline" in origin, have a couple words: muru-muru (applies only to certain Cousins, the Kash themselves have lost the ability)-- not your average kittycat's purring, more like the rumbling one hears from contented tigers & lions on TV nature shows... It may or may not be physically produced in the same way. rondoñ (and rondroñ, which violates phonology [r's in successive syllables]) applies to some other animals, also to low-pitched vibrating sounds, like engines/motors (as opposed to ñumuñ 'chant; drone, as some motors do, or swarms of insects') We seem to lack a word for 'to spin (yarn)'....likely to be based on 'twine' or 'twist'; then we'll also need spindle, spinning wheel or other device [not an area of technology I'm familiar with], "spinneret" the spider's organ??