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[TECH] IPA Keyboard Layout for Mac OS X

From:Jonathyn Bet'nct <jonrelay@...>
Date:Saturday, July 23, 2005, 3:42
I made this for myself, but thought I'd share it with you all:

Drop it in your ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts folder on OS X, check it in
the International pref pane, and you can type IPA.

Keystrokes for the most part correspond with X-SAMPA. Shift gives you
characters represented by a capital letter, and Option gives you
characters represented by a letter with a tick (`) or slash after it.
Shift-, followed by a letter will get you a voiced implosive, Shift-.
will get you the apostrophe for ejectives. Option-` then a character
(specifically the one after a _ in X-SAMPA) will put diacritics on
things. R, Shift-R, Option-R, Option-Shift-R, 4, Option-Y, Option-U,
and Option-I will get you all the different rhotics and R-shaped
characters (I couldn't fit them all on the R key :) ).
Option-Shift-S/Z gets you /s\/ and /z\/, since Option-S/Z are taken by
/s`/ and /z`/.

Hasta la pasta,
Jonathyn Bet'nct.
I tried the real world once; didn't really care for it.

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