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Re: "Usefull languages"

From:Aquamarine Demon <aquamarine_demon@...>
Date:Saturday, February 23, 2002, 1:43
Mais oui, tu as raison, je suis desole. J'etudiais francais au lycee, et espagnol a l'universite. J'avais besoin d'ecrire "le plupart". Clint<< Er... the sad part of this is, that I understood this pretty well (except I had to look up "le plupart"), but I have no idea how to answer this en français.... :(
>>I have had profs whose spelling is abysmal. Myself, I never had
problems.<< Neither have I, except with words that I almost never have to use... but then, that's not so bad.
>>In Indiana we have a strange thing in high school called Spell Bowl.
It's a team competition in written spelling. My team finished in the top three in state all three years I belonged to the team. I also had a team member who received a special honor in being the first competitor never to miss a word at any level in four years of play.<< Ah, see, I think I'd do pretty good with something like that. In fact, if you asked me how to spell some words out loud, I'd have to write them down first, just to make sure it was right...
>>As to the Bible, I don't think it would have been considered
entertainment back then.<< Hehe... A lot of people (including myself), don't consider it entertainment NOW. ;)
>>Believe it or not, I belonged to a competitive team in which we played
this quiz-bowl sort of game with toss-ups and bonuses, in which the material was about 50 chapters of Scripture in a given year.<< 50 chapters of the bible??? Yikes....
>>Some of the players could quote all 50 chapters down pat, but, oddly,
those tended to be the same players with the worst attitudes. I think it awful now that they reduced holy writings to trivia. Clint<< At least it shows they're reading it, which is a lot more than most Christians could say, which is quite sad, imo. I mean, you think something that they consider that holy would be worth bothering to read...(off-topic!)
>>ObDigression: Normally the word "bee" refers to a cooperative activity,
not a competitive one.<< I've never heard of it having THAT meaning...
>>(An American immigrant once puzzled his relatives back home in England
by writing that his "house was raised by a bee in a single day".)<< LOL! Funny.... ;)
>>I wonder how in "spelling bee" it came to mean "eliminative competition
in spelling". <snip> -- John Cowan<< No idea... perhaps it's because the activity changed to a competitive one? __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Sports - Coverage of the 2002 Olympic Games


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